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Pokemon Metal Collection Wants List

Venusaur- Green
Charizard- Orange
Butterfree-Lavender, Silver, or Pale Pink
Weedle- Orange
Rattata- Purple
Raichu- Old Style Orange or New Style Copper
Nidorina- Blue
Nidoran male- Pink
Clefairy- Pale Pink
Clefable-Pale Pink
Ninetales- Silver
Wigglytuff- Pink
Gloom- Blue
Vileplume- Blue
Paras- Orange
Parasect- Light Red
Venonat- Purple
Venomoth- Lavender or Silver
Meowth- Silver
Persian- Silver
Growlithe- Orange
Arcanine- Orange
Poliwag- Blue
Poliwrath- Blue
Kadabra- Bronze
Alakazam- Bronze
Pontya- Orange
Rapidash- Orange
Farfetched- Copper
Seel- Silver
Dewgong- Silver
Grimer- Purple
Muk- Purple
Shellder- Medium Purple
Cloyster- Dark Purple
Gastly- Medium Purple
Gengar- Dark Purple
Drowzee- Gold
Krabby-light red
Kingler- Light red
Voltorb- Dark Red
Electrode- Silver
Cubone- ALL OF THEM! Already have Gunmetal, Gold, and Lime
Hitmonchan- Copper
Chansey- Pale Pink
Seaking- Orange
Starmie- Purple
Mr Mime- Silver or Light Red
Jynx- Dark Red
Magmar- Orange or Red
Tauros- Copper
Magikarp- Orange
Flareon- Orange or Red
Vaporeon- Blue
Articuno- Blue
Moltres- Orange
Dragonite - Orange
Togepi- Silver
Meganium- Bronze
Cyndaquil eithe style- Gunmetal
Typhlosion- Gunmetal
Totodile- Gunmetal (either style)
Feraligatr- Gunmetal
Sentret- Copper
Hoothoot- Copper
Ledyba- Copper
Ledian- Copper
Spinarak- gunmetal
Pichu- gold(any style)
Cleffa -copper both arms down style
Marill- gunmetal arms up style
Sudowoodo- Copper
Aipom- gunmetal
Sunkern- gold
Murkrow- gunmetal
Slowking- copper
Stealix- gunmetal
Snubble- Copper
Slugma- copper
Donphan- gunmetal
Stantler- copper
Elekid- gold
Blissey- silver
Larvitar- bronze
Lugia- silver(or any)
Treeko- bronze
Grovyle- bronze
Combuskein- Copper
Blazekin- Copper
Mudkip- gunmetal
Marshtomp- gunmetal
Swampert- gunmetal
Mightyena- gunmetal
Seedot- bronze
Taillow- gunmetal
Ralts- silver
Maikuta- bronze
Skitty- Copper
Medicham- copper
Mantectric- gunmetal
Plusle- gold
Minun- gold
Gulpin- bronze
Sharpedo- gunmetal
Wailmer- gunmetal
Wailord- gunmetal
Lunatone- bronze
Whiscash- gunmetal
Feebas- bronze
Castform- silver or gunmetal
Shuppet- gunmetal
Wynaut- gunmetal
Glailie- silver
Relicanth- copper
Luvdisc- copper
Metagross- gunmetal
Regirock- copper
Registeel- gunmetal
Latias- silver or copper
Latios- silver gunmetal
Groudon- copper
Rayquaza- bronze
Turtwig- bronze
Piplup- gunmetal
Starly- gunmetal
Kricketot- copper
Cranidos- gunmeal
Shieldon- gold
Burmy Leaf- bronze
Pachirisu- silver
Buizel- copper(standing or sitting)
Buneary- copper
Chingling- gold
Bronzor- gunmetal
Bonsly- copper
Happiny- copper
Munchlax- gunmetal
Riolu- gunmetal
Lucario- gunmetal
Carnivine- bronze
Weavile- gunmetal or copper
Lickiliky- copper
Togekiss- silver
Uxie- bronze
Mesprit- copper
Azelf- gunmetal
Regigas- bronze
Giratina- gunmetal
Darkrai- gunmetal
Shaymin- silver
Victini- gold
Snivy- bronze
Tepig- copper
Patrat- copper
Excadrill- silver
Scraggy- bronze
Litwick- silver
Axew- bronze
Cubchoo- silver
Stunfisk- copper

Ill be adding pics as i find them!
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