Metal figure auction gen 1 part one

Hello everyone! Next metal auction is here.. in this auction there are some pieces from the gen 1 set including quite a few different colored ninetales! Please comment your bid on the thread for your intended Pokémon.. the auction will end Saturday October 5th at 6pm eastern time

Lime venusaur- starting $10

Blue blastoise- starting -$15

Green metaphor- starting -$5

Gold beedrill- starting -$10

Lime vileplume- starting-$10

Pink nidorino- starting $15

Pink clefairy- starting -$5

Blue golduck- starting -$10

Copper Raichu- starting -$15

Silver alakazam- starting -$10

Copper Arcanine- starting -$10

Gunmetal ninetales- starting -$10

Gold ninetales- starting -$10

Lime ninetales- starting- $15

Green ninetales- starting -$15

Pink ninetales- starting $15

Pokémon Metal Collection Characters Auction

Hello everyone! The next auction is here! This bunch is going to be all of my metal character figures.. the auction will end at 12 pm eastern time Saturday September 21

Everyone is starting at $10 each, place your bid on the comment for the figure you want, happy bidding!

Copper Oak and Muk

Bronze Brock and Zubat

Gunmetal Jessie and Arbock

Gunmetal James and Meowth

Gold Jenny and Growlithe

Gunmetal Joy and Chansey

Pokémon Metal Collection Auction

Hello everyone .. it is with a heavy heart I’ve decided to part with my Metal Collection.. so that means they are up for grabs! I’ve decided to auction them here in the group.. just comment your will end in exactly 1 week.. so 8:30 am(eastern time) on Thursday September 12th.. please comment your bids only on the comment thread of the Pokémon you are bidding on

I’m starting off with some of the most rare pieces in my collection.. other auctions with cheaper/more common pieces will follow 😁

Silver Lucario- starting bid $50
Gunmetal Lucario- starting bid $40
Silver Lugia- starting bid $50
Gunmetal Lugia- starting bid $40
Bronze Rayquaza- starting big $50
Silver Groudon-starting bid $40
Copper Deoxys- starting bid $50
Silver Feraligatr- starting bid $50
Gold Weavile- starting bid $40
Gunmetal Stantler- starting bid $30
Copper Giratina- starting bid $40
Gunmetal Gible- starting bid $30
Gold Wailord- starting bid $40
Gunmetal Gabite- starting bid $30
Purple Flareon- starting bid $30

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Pokemone Metal Collection TRADES!

Hello poke- people! Here is my trades post.. please read the descriptions to understand

These pokemon are ones that im only looking to trade for their counterparts in the colors on my wants list .. wants list link-

Once i have the pokemon in the color I want then the remaining figure or figures will go up for sale(if they werent traded for the figure i wanted) ..

In cases where the figure I want is more valuable than the one i have for trade (example: my tarnished gold cyndaquil for a gunmetal cyndaquil) then i am willing to make it a partial trade and i will pay any remaining balance.. OR they could be combined with a figure/figures from my sales
sale link-


Lime Venusaur- wanted:green
Pink Charizard- wanted:orange
Butterfree(4)- wanted: pale pink, lavender, or silver
Copper Pidgey- wanted: bronze
Green Rattata- wanted: purple
Bronze Fearow- wanted: copper
Dark Red Arbok- wanted: purple
Lime Raichu- wanted: orange old style, or copper new style
Gunmetal Nidorina- wanted: blue(preferably light blue)
Lime Nidoran M- wanted: pink
Gunmetal Nidoking- wanted: purple
Ninetales(green, lime, gunmetal)- wanted: silver(willing to trade 2 for it)
Blue Wigglytuff- wanted:pink
Green Gloom- wanted: blue
Lime Vileplume- wanted: blue
Blue Paras- wanted: orange
Pink Parasect- wanted: red(preferably light red)
Silver Venonat- wanted: purple
Gunmetal Venomoth- wanted: lavender or silver
Diglett(blue, gold)- wanted: copper
Blue Dugtrio- wanted: copper
Copper Growlithe- wanted: orange
Copper Arcanine- wanted: orange
Gunmetal Poliwag- wanted: blue
Copper Kadabra- wanted: bronze
Silver Alakazam- wanted: bronze
Ponyta(copper, blue)- wanted: silver or orange
Lime Rapidash- wanted: silver or orange
Bronze Farfetch'd- wanted: copper
Blue Seel- wanted: silver
Blue Dewgong- wanted: silver
Gunmetal Grimer- wanted: purple
Gunmetal Muk- wanted: purple
Orange Cloyster- wanted: purple
Gastly(gunmetal, gold, green, lime)- wanted: purple(willing to trade multiple for it)
Bronze Drowzee- wanted:gold
Krabby(copper, blue)- wanted:light red
Copper Kingler- wanted: light red
Pink Voltorb- wanted:dark red
Copper Electrode- wanted:silver
Gold Hitmonchan- wanted: copper
Blue Koffing- wanted: purple
Gunmetal Weezing- wanted: purple
Gold Goldeen- wanted:silver
Gold Seaking- wanted: orange
Starmie(pink, silver)- wanted: purple
Copper Mr Mime- wanted: silver
Copper Jynx- wanted: dark red
Copper Magmar- wanted: orange or light red
Gold Tauros- wanted: copper
Copper Magikarp- wanted: orange
Bronze Vaporeon- wanted: gunmetal or blue
Flareon(copper, purple)- wanted: orange or red
Blue Omanyte- wanted: bronze
Gunmetal Articuno- wanted:blue
Copper Moltres- wanted: orange
Copper Dragonite- wanted: orange
Silver Lucario- wanted: gunmetal
Copper Feraligatr- wanted: gunmetal
Gunmetal Stantler- wanted: copper
Bronze Marill- wanted:gunmetal(same style)
Gold Starly- wanted: gunmetal
Bronze Old Style Heracross- wanted gunmetal, old style
Gunmetal New Style Heracross- wanted: gunmetal, old style
Silver Groudon- wanted: copper
Elekid(silver, bronze)- wanted: gold
Bronze Sentret- wanted: copper
Lickilicky(silver, bronze)- wanted: copper
Bronze Goomy- wanted: silver
Bronze Cubchoo- wanted: silver
Gold Ledian- wanted: copper
Bronze Buneary- wanted: copper
Silver cleffa(large style)- wanted: copper, small style
Gunmetal Kricketot- wanted: copper
Gold Cyndaquil(no flames)- wanted gunmetal(either style)
Gold Donphan- wanted: gunmetal
Standing Gold Buizel- wanted: copper, either style
Bronze Sitting Buizel- wanted: copper, either style
Gunmetal Lunatone- wanted: bronze
Gunmetal Skitty- wanted: copper
Silver Aipom- wanted: gunmetal
Silver Blaziken- wanted: copper
Salamence(bronze, silver)- wanted: copper
Silver Mesprit- wanted: copper
Copper Azelf- wanted: gunmetal
Copper Sunkern- wanted: gold
Silver Hoothoot- wanted: copper
Gunmetal Makuhita- wanted: bronze
Gold Snubble- wanted: copper
Silver Treeko- wanted: bronze
Silver Riolu- wanted:gunmetal
Silver Klang- wanted: gunmetal
Silver Victini- wanted: gold or bronze
Silver Axew- wanted: bronze
Gunmetal Turtwig- wanted: bronze
Gunmetal Happiny- wanted: copper
Copper Skipping Piplup- wanted: gunmetal, any style

Now these figures are ones that ill gladly trade for others on my wants list

Pokemon Metal Collection Wants List

Venusaur- Green
Charizard- Orange
Butterfree-Lavender, Silver, or Pale Pink
Weedle- Orange
Rattata- Purple
Raichu- Old Style Orange or New Style Copper
Nidorina- Blue
Nidoran male- Pink
Clefairy- Pale Pink
Clefable-Pale Pink
Ninetales- Silver
Wigglytuff- Pink
Gloom- Blue
Vileplume- Blue
Paras- Orange
Parasect- Light Red
Venonat- Purple
Venomoth- Lavender or Silver
Meowth- Silver
Persian- Silver
Growlithe- Orange
Arcanine- Orange
Poliwag- Blue
Poliwrath- Blue
Kadabra- Bronze
Alakazam- Bronze
Pontya- Orange
Rapidash- Orange
Farfetched- Copper
Seel- Silver
Dewgong- Silver
Grimer- Purple
Muk- Purple
Shellder- Medium Purple
Cloyster- Dark Purple
Gastly- Medium Purple
Gengar- Dark Purple
Drowzee- Gold
Krabby-light red
Kingler- Light red
Voltorb- Dark Red
Electrode- Silver
Cubone- ALL OF THEM! Already have Gunmetal, Gold, and Lime
Hitmonchan- Copper
Chansey- Pale Pink
Seaking- Orange
Starmie- Purple
Mr Mime- Silver or Light Red
Jynx- Dark Red
Magmar- Orange or Red
Tauros- Copper
Magikarp- Orange
Flareon- Orange or Red
Vaporeon- Blue
Articuno- Blue
Moltres- Orange
Dragonite - Orange
Togepi- Silver
Meganium- Bronze
Cyndaquil eithe style- Gunmetal
Typhlosion- Gunmetal
Totodile- Gunmetal (either style)
Feraligatr- Gunmetal
Sentret- Copper
Hoothoot- Copper
Ledyba- Copper
Ledian- Copper
Spinarak- gunmetal
Pichu- gold(any style)
Cleffa -copper both arms down style
Marill- gunmetal arms up style
Sudowoodo- Copper
Aipom- gunmetal
Sunkern- gold
Murkrow- gunmetal
Slowking- copper
Stealix- gunmetal
Snubble- Copper
Slugma- copper
Donphan- gunmetal
Stantler- copper
Elekid- gold
Blissey- silver
Larvitar- bronze
Lugia- silver(or any)
Treeko- bronze
Grovyle- bronze
Combuskein- Copper
Blazekin- Copper
Mudkip- gunmetal
Marshtomp- gunmetal
Swampert- gunmetal
Mightyena- gunmetal
Seedot- bronze
Taillow- gunmetal
Ralts- silver
Maikuta- bronze
Skitty- Copper
Medicham- copper
Mantectric- gunmetal
Plusle- gold
Minun- gold
Gulpin- bronze
Sharpedo- gunmetal
Wailmer- gunmetal
Wailord- gunmetal
Lunatone- bronze
Whiscash- gunmetal
Feebas- bronze
Castform- silver or gunmetal
Shuppet- gunmetal
Wynaut- gunmetal
Glailie- silver
Relicanth- copper
Luvdisc- copper
Metagross- gunmetal
Regirock- copper
Registeel- gunmetal
Latias- silver or copper
Latios- silver gunmetal
Groudon- copper
Rayquaza- bronze
Turtwig- bronze
Piplup- gunmetal
Starly- gunmetal
Kricketot- copper
Cranidos- gunmeal
Shieldon- gold
Burmy Leaf- bronze
Pachirisu- silver
Buizel- copper(standing or sitting)
Buneary- copper
Chingling- gold
Bronzor- gunmetal
Bonsly- copper
Happiny- copper
Munchlax- gunmetal
Riolu- gunmetal
Lucario- gunmetal
Carnivine- bronze
Weavile- gunmetal or copper
Lickiliky- copper
Togekiss- silver
Uxie- bronze
Mesprit- copper
Azelf- gunmetal
Regigas- bronze
Giratina- gunmetal
Darkrai- gunmetal
Shaymin- silver
Victini- gold
Snivy- bronze
Tepig- copper
Patrat- copper
Excadrill- silver
Scraggy- bronze
Litwick- silver
Axew- bronze
Cubchoo- silver
Stunfisk- copper

Ill be adding pics as i find them!

Gets and 2 unknown metal figs

Hey all! Wanted to share my latest gets.. firstly, I swore up and down that I wasnt going to start collecting keshimon.. but i got a bunch in a lot of other metal figs that I won.. and they are just so cute! So apparently im not collecting keshimon as well lol

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annnd I got some of the newest metals!
Bronze Pikachu (cuz ya know you can never have too many different styles of pikachu..)
Bronze Goomy
Copper Noibat (so cute!)
Mega Salamence (I wish they had made a regular Salamence instead)
and Talonflame in all 4 colors!

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Now on to my question.. I got two metal figures that I dont recognize.. I mean I know what pokemon they are but I dont they they were part of the metal collection.. One is a very large silver Mew and the other is a gold Chansey, her egg is some kind of clear rubber material.. ive photographed them with their metal figure counter parts so you can see the difference in size and style.. does anyone know what these are or what they are from? they both feel like they are solid metal

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