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Gets and 2 unknown metal figs

Hey all! Wanted to share my latest gets.. firstly, I swore up and down that I wasnt going to start collecting keshimon.. but i got a bunch in a lot of other metal figs that I won.. and they are just so cute! So apparently im not collecting keshimon as well lol

Keshimon gets-
Silver Bulbsasaur keshimon
Silver Charmeleon keshimon
Gold Wartortle keshimon
Gold Psyduck keshimon
Silver Growlithe keshimon
Gold Growlithe keshimon
Silver Onix keshimon
Silver Chansey keshimon
Gold Magikarp keshimon
Silver Magikarp keshimon
Silver Eevee keshimon (so freakin CUTE!)

Metal Fig gets-
Copper Charmeleon
Gold Caterpie
Gunmetal Weedle
Copper Arbok
Gold Pikachu
Gunmetal Nidorina
Copper Psyduck
Copper Poliwhirl
Lime Rapidash
Bronze Seel
Pink Dewgong (sadly it's pretty badly damaged so im still looking for a better one)
Gold Exeggutor
Dark Red Marowak
Gold Hitmonchan
Orange Koffing
Gold Kangaskhan
Slightly faded Orange Staryu
Pink Starmie
Pink Electabuzz
Bronze Porygon
Copper Snorlax
Gold Snorlax (badly tarnished.. hope to find a better one)
Gold Articuno
Copper Mewtwo
Copper Mew
Bronze Emolga

annnd I got some of the newest metals!
Bronze Pikachu (cuz ya know you can never have too many different styles of pikachu..)
Bronze Goomy
Copper Noibat (so cute!)
Mega Salamence (I wish they had made a regular Salamence instead)
and Talonflame in all 4 colors!

Now on to my question.. I got two metal figures that I dont recognize.. I mean I know what pokemon they are but I dont they they were part of the metal collection.. One is a very large silver Mew and the other is a gold Chansey, her egg is some kind of clear rubber material.. ive photographed them with their metal figure counter parts so you can see the difference in size and style.. does anyone know what these are or what they are from? they both feel like they are solid metal

Tags: metal figures, pokemon
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